First there was DC3 and now there’s a DK3.

It’s official. Danity Kane is a trio.

Let’s not act surprised. This happens in girl groups ALL the time. Still, I must admit I’m pretty sad. I remember watching Aundrea make it into the band on MTV and literally getting emotional because of how inspiring her journey was. That’s why it’s so bittersweet to watch the singer announce that she is no longer a part of the group.

The good news is, she has decided to leave because she is engaged and wants to focus on having a family. She didn’t completely address those pregnancy rumors, but she did end the announcement by saying she was going to go have some babies. The singer was joined on the stage by her future stepdaughter.

Fans got to see Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon in action as a trio during the opening show of the No Filter Tour last night in San Francisco.

Watch the girls perform their newest release “Lemonade” below.

Aundrea’s announcement:

“Lemonade” performance