Dumblonde in "dreamsicle" video

Dumblonde in “dreamsicle” video

I wasn’t that impressed with Dumblonde’s debut offering “white lightening,” but the former Danity Kane members get it right with “dreamsicle.”

The infectious synth pop offering is only elevated by the fun, colorful Alfredo Flores-visuals. There are kaleidoscopes, colorful backdrops, fun props (a giant ice cream cone to cover the naked ladies) and sexy fashion.

“We won’t wake up, the dream is never done,” the ladies sing repetitively during the song, which was co-written by Aubrey O’Day’s ex boyfriend Travis Garland.

Dumblonde is scheduled to release their self-titled debut album on Sept. 25.

If they keep releasing songs like this, I think the duo could actually have a chance in the indie dance/pop lane.

Shannon Bex in Dumblonde's "dreamsicle" video

Shannon Bex in Dumblonde’s “dreamsicle” video

Aubrey O'Day in Dumblonde's "dreamsicle" video

Aubrey O’Day in Dumblonde’s “dreamsicle” video