“I don’t really want to dance. Should’ve stayed my ass at home.”

And just like that Elle Varner made a song about every club experience I’ve ever had.

Most of the songs about going out with the girls features a happy storyline. There’s drinks, a cute guy and lots of dancing like the world is ending tomorrow, but that’s not usually how it happens in real life, is it?

The midtempo jam is the first single we’ve gotten from the singer’s forthcoming sophomore album following a few exceptional buzz releases (“Cold Case,” “Little Do You Know“). Varner keeps her vocals simple on this single, tapping A$AP Ferg for about verse staying home to watch Martin instead of wasting time at janky clubs.

The rapper has been getting around this week. A few days ago a new version of HAIM’s “My Song 5” was released with a new verse from him.

“Don’t Wanna Dance” is is a fun single choice for Varner. So far everything she’s released this year has been good, so it’ll be interesting to hear the entire album!