Chuck Willis

Chuck Willis

I haven’t loved Joy Williams’ new solo material so far.

Maybe it’s because I’m craving the dynamics that The Civil Wars had sonically.

Since the group broke up, Joy Williams has been pretty vocal about her attempt to speak to John Paul White, her former bandmate, while White has failed to even utter her name during a Grammy acceptance speech. It’s bizarre. Dramatic, even.

It’s odd enough to make you wonder what went wrong and caused such a deep riff in a duo that once had such palpable chemistry.

Williams addresses the split without going into much details in the recently released “What A Good Woman Does”

“Hear me, I haven’t lost my voice without you near me. I could tell the truth about you leaving, but that’s not what a good woman does,” she sings during the piano ballad.

William’s soft vocals shine over the sparse production as she delivers lyrics that are simply heartbreaking.

We still don’t know exactly what happened to the duo, but it’s clear the scars from the fallout still haven’t healed.

Williams is scheduled to release her solo album, Venus on June 30.

Listen to “What A Good Woman Does” and share your thoughts below.