Karmin in "Sugar" video

Karmin in “Sugar” video

Karmin’s journey has been interesting, albeit a bit bumpy. The real-life couple that made it big off YouTube covers released their debut album Pulses earlier this year but the album didn’t do much commercially and the band has since parted ways with Epic.

If you’re worried about what’s next for the duo, their newest offering “Sugar” should ease your mind. The sexy strings and bass-driven cut finds lead singer Amy Heidemann admitting her obsession with her new lover. “I can’t think about anybody but you,” she sings in the earworm hook. You won’t realize how addictive it is right away, but you’ll probably wake up tomorrow morning singing it.

Heidemann’s rap verse is as corny as ever, but the other verses and catchy hook make up for it.

For the visuals, Heidemann and her beau/bandmate Nick Noonan sit on a couch and pose in slow motion. Towards the end of the song, the bass is the only thing that remains of the instrumentation as Heidemann delivers a few memorable melismas and grabs her lover’s face for a kiss.