If you’re one of those people that is against the apparent “hook up culture” of the current generation, you’ll love Meghan Trainor. The singer isn’t just bringing booty back, she’s determined to bring chivalry along too. Trainor says “boys like a little more booty to hold at night,” but she also insists they won’t get that privilege without first giving in to monogamy.

“Baby don’t call me a friend. If I hear that word again. You may never have a chance to see me naked in your bed,” Trainor sings in one of two songs from her debut EP. “Title” hinges on the doo-wop sound that made Trainor’s debut single “All About That Bass” a hit single.

As does the similar sounding “Dear Future Husband.”

“‘Cuz if you treat me right, I’ll be the perfect wife. Buying groceries, buying, buying what you need,” she first sings. But, feminists don’t have a heart attack just yet. “You’ve got that 9 to 5, but baby so do I. So don’t be thinking I’ll be home and baking apple pies. I never learned to cook, but I can write a hook,” she adds.

At this point the sound is admittedly becoming a bit redundant and, as Flavor Wire points out, there are certainly a few social issues worth discussing in Trainor’s lyrics, but she’s undeniably talented. And she clearly does have an ear for catchy hooks.

The Epic artist released her debut EP, Title, yesterday. The project features four songs, including “All About That Bass,” “Title” and “Dear Future Husband.” The fourth cut, “Close Your Eyes,” doesn’t offer much message-wise or sonically that the previously mentioned tracks don’t deliver.

“Dear Future Husband”