Nicki Minaj in "Anaconda" video

Nicki Minaj in “Anaconda” video

Just when you thought twerking was on it’s way out…

I wasn’t expecting much from Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” music video. Based on the singer’s inability to twerk in the past I had reason to believe the visuals for the ode to butts wouldn’t be that entertaining.

I was wrong.

The provocative video features Minaj in multiple settings, including a forest, a gym, a kitchen and an empty room with rapper Drake, but the message throughout remains the same. Minaj has buns, hun, and she can actually shake them.

There are many fun scenes, but the most talked about will certainly be the one where Minaj gives fellow YMCMB rapper Drake a lap dance. We’ve seen the two joke about getting married and flirt many times at this point, but this scene takes teasing Dricki (yes, they already have a name) fans to an entirely new level.

Just when you think the two are going to ride off into the sunset together and fulfill Drake’s every dream, the video ends with him sitting all alone, looking pretty devastated over the fact that his big booty love has escaped him once again.

While “Anaconda” is a fun song, I must admit I haven’t really payed it much attention since it was released. I think this video has officially solved that problem.

Apparently, these days all you have to do is work out in a g-string, pour whipped cream all over yourself and seduce your peer to get people talking.

Who knew?

Drake and Nicki Minaj in "Anaconda" video

Drake and Nicki Minaj in “Anaconda” video

Nicki Minaj in "Anaconda" video

Nicki Minaj in “Anaconda” video