Travis Garland in "Where To Land" video

Travis Garland in “Where To Land” video

I love Travis Garland’s face. Now that I’ve made that clear we can continue in a more professional manner.

Travis Garland, formerly of NLT (remember when Kevin McHale wasn’t confined to a wheelchair?), released a video for his latest single “Where To Land” ft. III last week and I am just as in love with this song as I am with his physical appearance. Garland’s airy vocals are sexy and add a sense of urgency to the love song. Garland began releasing solo material in 2010, debuting “Believe” (which I also loved…I know) on American Idol and collaborating with Jojo, but I really like this new direction for him.

Garland is preparing to release a new EP, Fashionably Late: Vol. II, on March 4. Fashionably Late was released last year.

Check out the video for “Where To Land” below! I can already see the Robin Thick and Justin Timberlake comparisons coming in.