Jessica Simspon should be popping out a baby girl prettyyy soon! She recently posed with her fiance Eric Johnson for ELLE Magazine and I think they pictures turned out pretty well…but then again I love these nude pregnant shoots. Don’t judge me. Check out another pic from the shoot below and how Jessica found out she was pregnant below!!!

On Finding Out She Was Pregnant

“We were going to [go] all-day drinking…” she explains of her and Johnson’s planned drive to Venice Beach, Calif.

“Ride our bikes, hang out. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?”

With an inkling that something was off, Simpson took a home pregnancy test — and discovered she was expecting. Instantly, her life changed.

On Naming The Baby

“We’re sure,” of the name, the fashion mogul says. “We’re embroidering it on things. It’s nothing shocking and nothing you’ll have to add to the dictionary. When people hear it, they’ll know why.”